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The DBS Application pack is available for providers who only need one DBS Check (previously called a CRB Check).  

The law restricts when and who can obtain a DBS check.  To check your role meets the DBS eligibility criteria, please check our DBS eligibility criteria webpage.   If you place an order and subsequently submit an online DBS application, but the DBS eligibility criteria is not met, we will not be able to process a DBS Application for you and will reimburse the purchase price to you (less admin costs). 

In addition to this, we need to verify your ID.  Before you place an order, please ensure you can provide COPIES of the required ID documents - see list of Acceptable ID documents.

Please also note: we CANNOT process applications for Non-UK Residents, ie: if applicants do not live in the UK.

To begin, please complete & submit the "DBS Order form"; below.   Once your DBS order form has been received, you will receive by email:

  • Step-By-Step instructions
  • Log-in details to access and complete the official on-line DBS Application form
  • Instructions on how you can send us copies of your ID (ID copies can be sent by email or by post)
  • You will not be prompted to make payment at this "order" stage.  Payment will be required later just before you submit your official online DBS application form

For further information regarding our online DBS application process, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 1:  Ordering a DBS Application Pack -

Please complete & submit the following DBS order form:

You will NOT be prompted to make payment at this "DBS Order" stage.  
Payment will be required later just before you submit your official online DBS application form.

Using a Mobile or Tablet?  Click this link to access our DBS Order Form.

What Information do applicants need to provide on the online DBS Application form?

Applicants need to provide personal details, for example:  full name and any other names ever used, birth details, and  full 5 year address history.   See our applicant user guide for specific information.

Please note: if you are obtaining a DBS Check for someone else you must obtain their express permission (in writing), to do so.

How do you verify applicants' ID?

It is a stipulation of the DBS Application process that applicants' ID is verified.  

We require applicants to have their ID verified by a nominated ID Checker in accordance with the DBS ID Checking Guidelines.  

All applicants must be able to provide COPIES of their ID documents so that we can verify your identity.  These can be sent to us by by email or in the post - we will email you instructions when you submit your DBS Order form.

Applicants must provide copies of at least 3 x ID documents. Please see the list of acceptable ID documents.

Note:  One ID document must include:

  1. a valid Passport or a UK Driving  Licence (For UK Nationals) or...
  2. a Primary Document (For Non-UK Nationals)  - see List of Acceptable ID
NB:  If you do NOT have one of these ID documents we CANNOT process a DBS Application for you. 

How Long do the checks take?

On average:

  • 1-2 weeks to receive a Standard DBS Certificate
  • 4-6 weeks to receive an Enhanced DBS Certificate
...from the receipt of a correctly filled in application form and satisfactory ID Validation (any errors on the application form could cause delays in the processing).  Please note:  Due to the individual nature of the checks, this time-frame cannot be guaranteed.    Seasonal fluctuations/delays will occur during certain time of the year for example during Christmas and Easter.

Who will receive my DBS Certificate?

Your DBS certificate will be posted to your current home address, which you provide on your DBS Application form.  Please note, this address cannot be changed once your DBS Application has been submitted.  If you move, it will be your responsibility to arrange for your mail to be re-directed to your new address.

How long will my on-line username/password be valid for?

If you do  not use your DBS application the fee will not be refunded.  Please submit your application within three months of receiving your application pack to ensure your application form is still valid and the price has not changed.  In the event that VAT or the Disclosure costs increase, we may pass this cost on to you, at our discretion.

Need DBS Checks for 2 or more people?

No problem....we also provide DBS Checks for Employers/Organisations.  For more information, please go to www.dbsdirect.co.uk

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